Stone Tile Design Code 3417611
Tile and ceramic Design 3417611

Stone Tile Design Code 3417611

650,000 تومان

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گزارش تخلف

درجه بندی


ابعاد طرح

65 * 65 CM


360 px/inch

مد رنگی


حجم فایل فشرده

فرمت فایل


قابلیت ساخت فیس


قابلیت ساخت قالب


سفارش ساخت در ایران تایلمارت

Send requests and details via Support Ticket, SMS 3000201040, and fax to # 02189771040

مناسب کاشی سایز

60 * 60

Design Rock Tile Code 3417611 in dimensions 65 × 65 cm and   360 pixels/inch resolution presented with color analysis for quality printing

Reduction of production costs such as reduction of color consumption without compromising quality

And the minimum reduction of colored clots is by experienced designers of Iran Talamart.

Tile Design Rock Code 3417611 has the ability to create multiple view or Face by tile and ceramic designers.

If you need to create different Facebook in this project by the design team of Iran Tilemart

You can send your request to the design department at the bottom of the ticket (support icon below, left of the Ω screen) in each section.

And wait for the support team to respond.

It is say necessary to design topics and print quality of a specialized field.

And printing quality does not necessarily have the high level of resolution of the project, what are the issues that matter:

Production costs , The amount of paint consumed , Import unnecessary stress into the head of printing machines , The creation of pixel densities that are not in the circle of human eye will waste resources in the production debate. The original grading refers to the designs that the design is in the original, which has been mentioned in the features section.
The double-loop grading is said to be designed by the design techniques, developed by designs, and made to print on ceramic tile to the surface.

It is worth noting that Actual Pixel images are placed on the zoom 100 and the quality of the project as standard from the distance of 50 cm to the monitor is a criterion for measurement.

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